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North America’s strongest marijuana seed strains.

We take pride in being North America’s first marijuana seed bank, with over 25 years experience. We’re trailblazers.  Since then we have grown to provide thousands of customers with quality seeds and great service.

Our founder, Seed Breeder Richie is recognized internationally for his experience, awareness and ability to source the best seeds on the market. He is always able to help clients with tips and tricks for getting the most from their seeds. If there is something you need to know just ask.

Our walk in store is located at 3341 Lake Shore Blvd W. Toronto, ON M8W 1N1. Come by, have a chat and we’ll set you up with what you need.
Our goal is to make each new customer a returning customer and keep each returning customer for life.

If you’ve been ripped of by some company pretending to be Ontario Seed Bank let us know. You’ll receive free seeds. Complete privacy for any info on con artist infringing on our good name.

Your spot for North America’s strongest marijuana seed strains.